John D. Phoenix, AZ

Hello Dr. George,  I called you and you immediately came out to my office. After sizing up the situation and delivering the care, I started feeling better quickly. You gave me peace of mind to understand there was no damage to the spine, discs or lower back. Instead, it was muscle strain that was causing the pain. I went home that night and felt much better until the next morning when the pain returned. I called you and you drove all the way South to my home where you delivered another round of care and I felt better instantly. I followed your instructions for post care and now my back is feeling muccchhhh better.
I appreciate your knowledge of the human body, your care to reduce the pain, and your effectiveness in doing just that. To have a qualified Doctor come to me in the moment is something I will be spreading the word on from this moment on. Thank you Dr. Pasisis!

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