Meet Dr. George

I’m Dr. George Pasisis, the Mobile Chiropractor.  After spending my first 13 years of life in Chicago, my family decided to move Arizona.  I now reside in Northern Phoenix with my wife and two children.  With a passion for chiropractic healing, I have devoted much of life to helping people like yourself live long, happy, pain-free lives.
I make house calls and business calls. In other words, I come to YOU – whether it be to your home or your office.
If you have a problem with your neck, back, headaches, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, ankles, plantar fascitis or carpal tunnel, I will come onsite to examine you, treat you, and be on my way.
I am open 7 days a week for your convenience and try to make my hours as flexible as possible.  I understand that ailments can happen at any time and not just on most chiropractic business regular hours!
Simply call my cell phone at ~ 602-206-4438 ~ and you will reach me. I believe in personal service and work directly with you in all circumstances, including making appointments.
My philosophy is to make life a little simpler and less complicated.  Rather than you driving across town in busy Phoenix traffic for an appointment, I come to you.  Simply put, I believe in old-fashioned, personal service that is convenient on your schedule.
“I have been in practice for 13 years.  I have treated athletes in football, mixed martial arts, basketball and baseball, as well as potential Olympic athletes.  I have also treated office employees while at work on many occasions and make many house calls throughout my day.
My prior practice was located in an office setting for several years and I noticed many clients were in such pain, it was hard for them to make the drive and come to me.  Or their work schedules were often the same times I was open for business and they would just keep putting off getting treated, leading to worse conditions and longer times to treat.  Many of my clients often asked if I could open special hours or make house calls, so I decided to go mobile and make my hours more convenient to the regular working class men and women.  Also by going mobile, I can lower my costs to you as my overhead is now much lower.
If this solution sounds appealing to you or someone you know, please call me.  I would love to help you and/or those you love live long, happy, pain-free lives!