As someone who suffers from excruciating migraines, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found a gem like Dr. Pasisis.(Dr. George)To have the ability to stay home and have an adjustment is priceless.He listens to your needs and is able to do what’s needed without any hesitation. He is truly a wonderful Chiropractor and person! The personal touch of calling the next day to check in with me is like no other!

Rachel D.
Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much I have appreciated your chiropractic service.
First and foremost, I’m noticing a huge difference in my lower back pain.
Second, the ability for you to pretty much see me within a days notice every time I call you.
This works so good for me as my job is always different hours every week.
Not to mention I never know when my back is going to flair up and you understand that perfect! Icing on the cake:
Your just a really nice guy that really seems to care about my well being. That’s not easy to find in anyone it seems these days. Thank You.

Eric M.
Scottsdale, AZ

Hello Dr. George,

I called you and you immediately came out to my office. After sizing up the situation and delivering the care, I started feeling better quickly. You gave me peace of mind to understand there was no damage to the spine, discs or lower back. Instead, it was muscle strain that was causing the pain. I went home that night and felt much better until the next morning when the pain returned. I called you and you drove all the way South to my home where you delivered another round of care and I felt better instantly. I followed your instructions for post care and now my back is feeling muccchhhh better.
I appreciate your knowledge of the human body, your care to reduce the pain, and your effectiveness in doing just that. To have a qualified Doctor come to me in the moment is something I will be spreading the word on from this moment on. Thank you Dr. Pasisis!

John D.
Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Pasisis has been a tremendous help my neck, lower, and upper back pain! I travel for work and have had a mobile chiropractor come to my hotel in Chicago, Austin, and now Phoenix. By far the best is Dr. Pasisis! All Dr.’s were knowledgeable, but I felt a lot better with Dr. Pasisis. He wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t feel like I was on a clock with him. I must have asked 25 questions and he gave 25 answers. Then he went on to tell me more things that would benefit me while traveling and when in my hotel room. Really wants you to get better and gives you his personal cell phone # to call if you think of any other questions. BTW, he called me the next day to check on me!

Beverly H.
San Diego, CA

Dr. George has been coming to our office in downtown Phoenix for about 3 years now. We schedule him about once a month and it’s funny how everybody gets excited for his arrival. It’s very affordable as he gives us a group rate and is well worth every penny. I personally sit in a chair all day and suffer from wrist, arm, neck, upper back, and lower back pain. Dr. George gets me back to feeling normal again after just about 15 minutes with him! The really nice thing about him is that he offers everyday solutions in addition to the adjustments and they all work! Everybody here really loves George and takes EVERY bit of advice from him.

Staff @ KMH Innovations INC.
Phoenix, AZ.