Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do Dr. George?

“For lack of a better word, I’m a Motion Specialist.  If there is a restriction, either in the joint or in the spinal area; if there’s restriction in the extremity area, whether it’s an ankle, a foot, elbow, shoulder, then I need to adjust to restore the proper function.  Additionally, if there is a change in the muscles going to that area, I will treat the muscles, make them stronger, and make them more flexible.
If there’s scar tissue that is built up in a particular part of the body, we need to look at that.  One of the things we’ve learned quite recently is that connective tissue or fascia can become restricted, or can have scarring in it, so rather than growing in a lengthwise position, it can be cross linked. You have to check the patient for any kinds of restriction or guarding. Then I use a particular technique called Graston, where I use special instruments to break down the scar tissue and restore a proper range of motion to that tissue.”

Why do you do what you do Dr. George?

“Well, I want to make sure that the individual, whether it’s an athlete, or a mom or a dad, or a son or a daughter, is functioning to the best of their ability.  When the joints or the soft tissue become restricted, it can affect you in your daily lives, causing you to have headaches, causing you to feel like you’re not at 100%.  Life is tough enough as it is, and so my goal is to ensure you are going through life everyday in tip-top shape.”

How do you do what you do Dr. George?

“Chiropractors are trained in school to adjust joints. We do it with such quickness and precision that we’re able to change the range of motion in a restricted joint, from speed, but not cause injury to the joint. If you don’t know what you’re doing and a friend grabs you or tries to twist on something, they can sprain or injure a muscle or ligament.  A chiropractor, trained over many years, and with experience on top of that, is able to adjust or manipulate the joint fast enough so that the joint can’t guard itself and then go into spasm or create an injury to the muscle or ligament in that area – whether that is a joint in the neck, the low back, the shoulder, the knee, or the foot.”

What’s unique about you Dr. George?

“What’s unique about my concept is that I’m a mobile doctor.  I am trying to bring old-fashioned medicine back to present times, where the doctor actually goes to your home or to your business or possibly to an athletic event. I come onsite with my portable table, which is very stable. I bring my electrical muscle stimulation equipment, cold laser, so that you have the doctors visit at your home or at your office. I also send people for X-rays if they are required. Bottom line: as far as the actual treatment of the patient, I’m able to do everything that someone could do in the office.”

Why should I get chiropractic care?

“Think of your car. A lot of times people want their cars to last 10-15 years and they feel it is quite an achievement when this happens.  We want our bodies to last 90-100 years, so, in the same vein, you have to do tune-ups in order to keep things running smoothly. Changing the oil, changing the spark plugs, balancing the tires – you have to do these little things so that your car runs smoothly down the road. It’s the same thing with your body. You have to restore the body back to its optimum condition, by getting adjusted periodically, especially if you have an injury.  Additionally, proper nutrition, exercising, stretching, and being flexible are equally important. Then if an accident happens, you are able to handle it better, rather than letting it take you out of your game completely because you are not in the best of shape.  Obviously we need these bodies be around, we can’t afford to trade them in after 10 or 15 years!”

Does it hurt when you’re adjusted?

“Depending on the severity of the injury, I will do what is appropriate for you. If that is just therapy, for a period of time, in order to let the tissues calm down, that’s what we will do. Obviously with 11 years of experience, I know that if a patient has a really hot back or hot neck, I am not going to start with the adjustment, but rather work with therapy first via light stretching or deep tissue massage, and then we’ll proceed from there.”

How long will the adjustment take?

“That depends on the severity of the injury and the health and condition of the patient. As I mentioned, if someone has diabetes or heart disease their recovery time is going to take longer because they have other things affecting the body’s ability to heal.”

Am I going to have to continue getting adjustments for the rest of my life?

“It will depend on the type of injury you have.  My goal, of course, is to get someone healed up and send them on their way, whether that’s after a few treatments or a few weeks of treatment. But if a patient has a chronic injury, say, a disc problem, or they’ve had surgery on a particular joint, obviously these could require longer term care in order to maintain the body because there is already a deficit to deal with.”

Will my insurance cover the adjustments and what do you charge?

“My fees are very low. I charge about a 5th of the price that you would normally pay in a doctor’s office for an examination.  And for the actual manipulation, you’re paying about 40% of a normal doctor’s office fee. I charge $35 for my adjustment/manipulation, any stretching and any laser therapy required.  We do not bill insurance for treatment at this time.